The Hub

High-Speed Rail Station

Client: Van Alen Institute

Location: New York

Completion: 2011

Type: Competition

Team: Amir Kripper, Kelsey Holmes

The introduction of high-speed rail in mega-regions across the United States presents a unique opportunity to develop an infrastructure that not only efficiently moves people and goods between cities, but also creates a new type of urban condition: a hub.

The proposal envisions the high-speed rail station, the bus terminal and parking as a catalyst in the development of urban centers.The lower volume of the hub, the plinth, operates as a large urban plaza whose open amphitheater and escalators connect: the train platforms and bus terminal on the lower levels, retail and restaurants on the ground floor, parking on the upper levels and a roof garden with a swimming pool. Above the plinth, two large volumes containing an office tower and hotel are linked through a floating bar, that houses a sports and cultural complex. Hence, all these connected elements create an unprecedented form of urbanity in which the main intention is to foster social interaction among users and contemplate the transportation system.

The project aims to develop sustainable communities, employing alternative sources of energy, minimizing the usage of cars and using the train system as an alternative to highways, improving commuting time and promoting economic development. The hub, ultimately,serves as a prototype for a new modu- vivendi that combines work, travel and play. Is America ready for life at the speed of the rail?

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