Newton Plaza

Newton Centre Plaza

Client: Boston Development Group

Type: Commercial Architecture, Urban Design

Location:  Newton, Massachusetts

Satus: Ongoing

Team: Amir Kripper, Michael Grogan.

Architect: Amir Kripper, AIA

The site is located at the core of a large commercial city block in Newton Center, MA. The aim of the project is to transform a “back of the house” and parking area into a “piazza” providing outdoor seating for the surrounding restaurants and a pedestrian passageway connecting to Beacon Street.

We proposed a “living wall” to replace an existing blank wall and to serve as an acoustical barrier against urban noise pollution. A long linear custom wood bench with integrated lighting delineates the square. The pavers are made of cast in place concrete with recessed linear LED lighting.

Through this urban design and planning project we are able to generate a new exciting public space for the community while enhancing adjacent commercial spaces.

Newton PlazaKAS