Client: Shift Boston
Location: Boston
Completion: 2011
Type: Competition
Team: Amir Kripper, Paul Lenke

The proposal, Forest of Light, envisions Copley Square as a forest of trees linked by a large and glowing canopy, formed by LED chains that span betweens branches. The main operation consists of interconnecting the LED chains to the metal cladded trees, located on the sides and off center of the square, creating a a space of unprecedented nature.

Different programs allow for numerous graphic patterns of light and scenes, based on weather conditions, time of the day, current season and ongoing events, setting the mood for the entire square. Every LED can be precisely controlled, individually, changing preset programs via internet. In addition, all the trees are illuminated with in ground fixtures located at the base of each trunk.

The project strongly engages its context, enhancing Back Bay’s unique urban-scape, as well as the surrounding architectural landmarks such as the Boston Public Library, the Hancock Tower, Trinity Church, the Old South Church and Copley Plaza Hotel. Ultimately, our proposal aims to dialogue with those iconic buildings, becoming another spectacular destination in itself and making mcCopley Square again one of the greatest public spaces in the world.

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