Blue on Highland Restaurant

Type: Commercial Architecture, Restaurant Design

Location: Needham, Massachusetts

Satus: Completed 2015

Team: Amir Kripper, Michael Grogan.

Architect: Amir Kripper, AIA

Interior Finishes: Urban Dwellings, Tracy Davis.

Located on Highland Avenue, the main artery of Needham, MA, Blue on Highland is a modern American restaurant. The design intent was to create an elevated neighborhood restaurant using rich elements and carrying out the Walkey’s vision. The building had amazing raw elements that we wanted to expose. Additionally, we wanted to work in true balance with the food and beverage program and the branding.

“The main idea was to expose the vibrant activity at the bar, therefore we used it as the center point of the restaurant” said the architect Amir Kripper. In addition, five high-walled booths allow for an intimate experience. The partitions between the booths as well as the back wall behind the banquettes are clad in soft, natural hickory wooden planks.

The old sheetrock walls were removed to expose the existing brick walls and steel bracing behind them. The new bar is made of steel structural elements with recessed lights and was inspired by the modular storage units designed by Eames in the early 50’s. We collaborated with Tracy Davis in the seating and finishes selection. The Emeco Broom chairs used in the dining area are made from 75% waste polypropylene and 15% reclaimed wood fiber that would normally be swept into the trash. And the stools at the bar are iconic pieces which were built initially in the 40’s to be used in submarines and were repurposed as stools.

Blue on Highland RestaurantKAS